StoneGuard® Stone Surface Protection Film

installed by your SurfaceGuard certified installer.

Granite, marble and other stone countertops are a fine addition to any kitchen, bathroom and many other areas of your home.

On downside, stone surfaces such as granite, marble, stone etc. are very expensive to purchase and often require trained installers to avoid cracking, splitting, chipping and other damages during the installation process. This of course can be very expensive in the end and therefore the continuous care and the surface protection is required to protect your investment and keep it damage and wear free long term.

Fine stone surfaces are prone to chipping, peeling and can be permanently stained by foods, colourants and other substances they come in contact with. Red wine, cranberry sauce, gravy and many other common foods will leave permanent staining on fine stone surfaces of your countertop. All it takes is one accidental spill and your investment will be permanently damaged forever.

Other things that will dull or damage your granite, marble and other fine stone surface include heat, permanent and prolonged exposure to sunlight, many household chemicals and cleaners commonly used in kitchen and bathrooms etc. Accidental impact such as dropped dishes etc. even if left no visible damage can open fine micro fissures that can over time peel, crack or chip the fine surface of the countertop.

For those and many other reasons, the stone and granite manufacturers and installers recommend sealing your granite, marble and other fine stone surfaces with a liquid surface protection solution every six to twelve months depending on use and area where the stone countertops are being installed.

StoneGuard® is your countertop permanent protective solution.

Granite Surface Protection


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StoneGuard ® surface protection film professionally installed by your qualified SurfeceGuard technician is the long lasting, low maintenance solution to surface protection of all fine stone areas in your home. No mess, no fuss, long term surface protection for granite, marble and other fine stone surface areas.

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