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StoneGuard® Stone Surface Protection Film

StoneGuard® Clear (Patented Technology) is an ultra-durable polyethylene film designed with our ShieldX scratch and chemical resistant coating to help protect your precious stone countertops from scratches, etchings, and dings.

StoneGuard® is also the first and only patented clear protective film designed specifically for marble and other natural stone countertops. Acidic compounds from food (such as lime, coffee, wine, orange, vinegar, and tomato), and commonly used household cleaners can easily stain and etch into your kitchen stone countertop. Those same compounds will have difficulty etching into StoneGuard® ShieldX’s nano coating.

StoneGuard® is an advanced semi-permanent 5 mils thick clear protective film that will protect your stone from the elements of daily use yet remain unobtrusive, as it is barely noticeable to the eye and will also enhance the look of your countertop. StoneGuard® has a unique optically clear adhesive system that is designed to properly adhere to the porous surfaces of stone countertops while allowing the stone to breathe naturally.

Manufacturers for marble, limestone, Icestone, quartzite and other exotic stones for your kitchen countertops universally recommend the use of a high grade stone sealer once every 12 months to protect from the elements of daily use. However, these sealers offer very little in both stain and etch resistance, heat and impact protection.

Once StoneGuard® is installed, your countertop will be protected from chemical etching, staining, scratches, and dings. And the best part? You will no longer need to use sealers once StoneGuard® is installed.

Countertop Protection – FAQ

How is this different from the sealants and waxes on the market?
StoneGuard® Satin is not a liquid chemical.  It is a multi-layered 5 mils thick clear film with an acrylic adhesive base.  StoneGuard’s nano-layers provide significant protection over waxes and sealants.

What chemicals can Satin StoneGuard® protect my counter surface from?
White vinegar, coffee, citrus extract, bleach, red wine, and a host of chemicals and organic liquids commonly found in the kitchen. 

I understand that StoneGuard will protect my countertop, but how will it hold up against the chemicals listed above? 
StoneGuard® is an achievement in nano-technology, which is highly resilient from chemical stains and etches. 

Will the film get damaged over time? 
It potentially can.  StoneGuard® is categorized as a sacrificial product that will naturally see wear and tear over time.   

Is StoneGuard® permanent? 
StoneGuard® is not permanent and can be removed without harm to the stone.

StoneGuard ® surface protection film professionally installed by your qualified SurfeceGuard technician is the long lasting, low maintenance solution to surface protection of all fine stone areas in your home. No mess, no fuss, long term surface protection for granite, marble and other fine stone surface areas.

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